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Aerospinner L1.0: Lab Scale Solution Blowing

AeroSpinner™ was designed to meet the requirements from technical textiles industry. Production of uniform nano & microfibrous media for novel applications. AeroSpinners are superior than other systems, allowing... »»»

E-Aerospinner: Electro Blowing System

Aerospinner™ is also the name of electro-blowing systems of the company, which is available in lab scale. It takes up little space, gives you the chance to... »»»

Nanocentrino L1.0: Lab Scale Centrifugal Spinning

Unique centrifugal spinning systems, Nanocentrino™ is manufactured to produce uniform nanofibrous media either for academic or industrial scale works. Nanocentrino is a combination of... »»»

Mini Aerospinner

AeroSpinner™ mini with new version that occupies less space in your lab. »»»

Coaxial Aerospinner Nozzle

Bronze frame with all seals
Replaceable needles
Maximum air pressure: 8 Bars
Available for different inner diameters

Aerospinner Nozzle Holder

Made of hard ABS or aluminum
Resistant to various chemicals

Nanocentrino 2-nozzle Spinneret

2 nozzles
Al frame
Replaceable needles
Up to 20,000 rpm

Nanocentrino 4-nozzle Spinneret

4 nozzles
Al frame
Replaceable needles
Up to 20,000 rpm

Nanocentrino Rotor

5,000 - 10,000 rpm
0.3 - 0.5 kW
Reduced noise levels

Pressure Regulator

Maximum pressure: 12 Bars
Maximum temperature: 60°C
Filter element: Available

Air Heater for Aerospinner

2200 W - 230 V/50Hz
Temperature range at the nozzle: ≈ 50 - 70°C (at 4 Bars)
Air volume: 3 m³/h
Compact system for ∓ 0.5°C temperature sensitivity

Bench Top High Voltage Power Supply

Digital control
Input: 90 - 260 VAC
Output: 0 to 30 kVDC, 30 Watt
Suitable for electroblowing purposes

Humidity Regulation System

ECU is an automated system for having humidity of cabin experiments under control. It is connected to the spinning chamber of electrospinning, aerospinning, centrifugal spinning devices, spraying cabins, mini-greenhouses; and follows and changes the humidity level in the chamber with humidifying or drying functions. »»»