About Areka Group

Areka Advanced Technologies LLC is focused on novel products that require huge and deep understanding of polymers and technical textiles.

Main research areas cover nanofibers, air and water filtration, gas filtration, and composites.

Aeros-AF™ and Aeros-GF™ are our filter trademarks for the removal of particulate and gaseous contaminants from the air. The core technology depends on nanofibers and photocatalytic applications.

ERK™ is our trademark for high pressure tubes and pressure vessels. The very first filament winding line was installed in 2015 and under operation currently. ERK™ is also the name of 3D printing technologies of Areka and for the production of green composites our new brand is Greeno™.

Within the scope of the company, under the name of Areka Nanofiber, we have developed new technologies for safe and high rate nanofiber spinning, which carries the nano-spinning technology one step beyond the electrospinning. The stated novel technologies are solution blow spinning, centrifugal spinning, and electro-blowing.

AeroSpinner™ is solution blowing system of Areka Group. We are the first company around the world that develops such systems and can provide devices for lab and industrial scale production.

E-Aerospinner™ is our electro-blowing systems, which is available as a lab scale device, for now. It occupies small space, gives you the chance to produce nanofiber with electrospinning, electroblowing and solution blowing method. Areka Group’s centrifugal spinning system series are known as NanoCentrino™. This system makes the fiber production possible by rotating the spinneret at speeds of up to 10,000 rpm.

With the aforementioned research areas and technologies, Areka Group is ready for collaboration with research and development centers, universities and companies. Also, we encourage you to visit our lab, to see and test our machines.

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